“Divine Mercy is manifold; One can do good always and everywhere
and at all times. An ardent love of God sees all around itself constant
opportunities to share itself through deed, work and prayer” (Diary, 1313).

“I see clearly that not only will there be female and male congregations,
but there will be a great community of laity open to everybody to practice
the mercy of God through practicing mercy to each other.”
(Fragment of the letter from Saint Faustina to Father Sopoćko, April 1936)


In year 2000 in Concordia-Pordenone, Italy, a group of young men under the spiritual direction of Father Oreste Marcato OFM began a communal monastic life assuming the name the Community of the Brothers of Merciful Jesus. Following the preliminary monastic formation they were invited to Vilnius, where on July 11, 2005 the Vilnius Metropolitan Cardinal Juozas Audrys Bačkis approved the constitution of the Community. In their religious formation the brothers of the Community assumed, as the example to follow, the sanctity of the priestly life of Michael Sopoćko and implementation of the mission assigned through Saint Sister Faustina.
The Brothers of Merciful Jesus lead the life of contemplation and work. They practise their charism through prayer, apostolate, studying, and work. The founda-tion and the root of their communal prayer constitute daily Eucharist and continuous prayerful intercession for the poor sinners, supplication for Divine Mercy for the entire world. Through the apostolate the brothers proclaim the biggest attribute of God – His Mercy. The religious formation house is located in Perugia, Italy.


First brothers of Merciful Jesus with the spiritual director, father Oreste Marcato OFM



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On December 4th 2016 Brother Julian became the Official Rector of the Shrine of Mary in Perugia, Italy.

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