“He is a priest after My own Heart;
his efforts are pleasing to Me (…)
Through him it pleases Me to proclaim
the worship of My Mercy” (Diary, 1256).

Divine Providence entrusted a very important role in St. Faustina’s mission to her confessor and spiritual director Fr. Michael Sopoćko . In the years 1933-1936 he was for Sr. Faustina an irreplaceable help in discerning interior inspirations and visions. Obedient to his orders, she wrote a DIARY, where there can be found evidence of Fr. Michael Sopoćko’s extraordinary character and his work in fulfilling the desires of the Lord Jesus.

His most engaging and important activity was spreading the devotion to the Divine Mercy, to which he was ardently devoted and to which he remained faithful to the very end. He was not discouraged by Church authorities resistant to approve the devotion or by the incorrect, grass-roots spreading of the devotion due to inaccuracies in some publications. Father Sopoćko tirelessly corrected errors and explained the theological bases of this cult.

He is the founder of the Congregation of the Sisters of Merciful Jesus.