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The Sisters of Merciful Jesus began living as a Community officially on August 25th, 1947. Since 1996 the Sisters are in Canada. Each house shares in the same prayers throughout the day and focuses it’s attention to being united through the Eucharistic celebration daily. Each community has its own horarium which structures each day based on the needs of each house.

Our chapel with the Blessed Sacrament is the heart of our community life. The image of Merciful Jesus accoriding to the vision of St. Faustina is present in each chapel of our Congregation. It help us to focus on Divine Mercy.


Common meals give us time to share our daily life. It also create an opportunity to taste even international ways of cooking. In this way we can express our gratitude to friends and benefactors of the Congregation.

All the sisters share in the work to make life in the convent run smoothly. Each sister is responsible for daily chores, in addition to her outside ministries. Every single job carried out in the Congregation is a sharing in her apostolate.


Community recreation is a time set aside for us to spend together as a family. It helps provide a balance to our daily lives. Whether it takes place on a walk in the woods, on a picnic by the lake, or among buckets of apples in the kitchen; it always brings renewed vigour, laughter, and joy.