Consecration of one our Canadian sister: Sr. Marie Therese Langer

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Amazing Celebration

on the 10th of September in the

Year of Mercy 2016!

Anyone who has been touched by the love of the Lord knows the power of its attraction and the desire it evokes within the heart to respond completely. We rejoice in you and with you and pledge to you our love and support as you now step forward to give yourself entirely to Christ and His Church as a fully professed member of the Congregation of Sisters of Merciful Jesus.” (From the homily of Archbishop Richard Smith on the occasion of the Perpetual Profession of Sr. Marie Therese)

This quote from Archbishop Smith’s homily at my Perpetual Profession emphasizes the whole of my joy in Jesus and in my vocation.  I have been touched, and now through Consecration – consumed- by the love and mercy of our Lord.  This love continually creates in me an ever more urgent desire to share His mercy with each and every one of His children. What a beautiful Liturgy and day we had!  Cream roses galore, beautiful singing, and most especially beloved Priests, Sisters, family, and friends to share our joy! Dancing to wonderful music from many parts of the world helped express this happiness, as did all the laughter and sharing. I thank my Sisters with full heart for embracing me and my over hundred and one weaknesses, but most especially for embracing their vocation to bring God’s mercy to the world. All my confidence lies entirely in my Spouse who saved me and who is Goodness Itself. I trust Him, I thank Him, and I love Him.

Sr. Marie Therese Langer



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